Friday, April 27, 2012

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some interesting ozone studies and information that have received very little press over the past yeas. These will be added to my website,

I am convinced that natural elements are behind a percentage of air quality issues impacting the globe and that even with the strictest emissions reductions, we may still see areas with high ozone. 

This article is from 2008:

Sea Salt Worsens Coastal Air Pollution

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Asthma Rates by State

Just finished going through this PDF from the Center for Disease Control. As I have written in the past, there is no correlation between asthma and high ozone areas, despite what the EPA and the American Lung Association like to think. Check out this study from 2007:

Adult Self-Reported Lifetime Asthma Prevalence Rate (Percent)
and Prevalence (Number) by Race and State or Territory: BRFSS 2007

Some states like Idaho (13.3%), Rhode Island (14.5%) and New Hampshire (14.9%), which have very low ozone, have above average asthma rates (based on whites, which have highest sampling data). High ozone states like California came in at 12.9%, Texas:13.8%, Ohio:12.7% and PA: 12.1%. USA average is 12.8%.

Even more striking is this report from the American Lung Association from 2009. Go down to the cities section (starting on page 24) and look at some well known high ozone cities like Houston, Los Angeles, etc and compare their asthma rates with smaller cities, never known for high ozone.

President Obama halts EPA Regulation

Obama halts controversial EPA regulation

In a move that could have cost the economy a trillion dollars and elevated the number of "non-attainment" counties from 66 to 628 out 736 counties across the country, President Obama has decided to overrule the EPA and shelve a reduction of the 8 hour ozone average to even lower levels.